Car insurance

Car insurance

Daily use of a motor vehicle can bring some risks with it. Roads are nowadays full of high-speed cars and irresponsible drivers. If you want to
 feel comfortable and safe while you are sitting behind the wheel, you should focus on the best way of protection: car insurance! Car insurance is one of the best and the most effective forms of protection not only for drivers, but also for any other attendant of road traffic.

There are two basic forms of car insurance:

  • Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance
  • CASCO Insurance
  • losses caused by traffic accidents
  • low-quality road surfacing (pothole, wrong road etc.)
  • vehicle theft or burglary
  • deliberate damage by a third party
  • fire
  • natural disasters
  • glass breakage
  • damage caused by falling objects
  • damage caused by animals etc.

While the first type of insurance is compulsory and every car owner or driver has a duty to have it, CASCO car insurance is voluntary type which can have a different coverage depending on a will of insuree.

Both insurance types have to protect car drivers – so their health as their assets – but every in a different way. While compulsory liability insurance is set to protect car drivers from the damage of their health or asset which was caused by someone else, CASCO as an extra insurance will protect driver from all damages made on his car even if they were caused by him! And that is the biggest advantage of CASCO insurance!

Even though CASCO insurance costs some extra money, in the case of an accident you will find its benefits. When the accident happen you will not have to worry about solving the problem and paying needed reparations from your own pocket. The insurance company where your CASCO insurance is contracted will take care of the damages instead of you!

CASCO – acronym for Casualty and Collision – as it was already said is voluntary vehicle insurance that covers:

As you can see, there is much more threats on the roads, than you could normally think of.

Why to risk if you can protect yourself, your car and also any other person who is moving around you? By having CASCO insurance you show that you care!

Think twice, chose exactly that type of CASCO you and your family needs and drive safe! 

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